Meet the Maker - Rhazia Fazal - Simple Candle Co.

Our December box featured four Christmas inspired candles from Simple Candle Co.

RBC: What inspired you to set up Simple Candle Co?

RF: I always loved candles, anytime I went shopping I would always come home with lots of candles. My obsession continued until I started experimenting with scents and would make candles for family and friends. Many years later when I got married and had children I found myself at home and wanted to do something else, so I went back to my passion of making candles, but this time as a business.

RBC: How did you come up with your brand name?

RF: I realised the beauty in the candles and scent  was the simplicity of it all, mixing great simple scents to make something unique and amazing.

RBC: What is your design and development process?

RF: The majority of my candles and scents are based around the seasons and the time of year. So if I am designing a candle scent for Winter, that to me would mean Christmas, cloves, orange, cinnamons images of fires burning etc. Then I begin to choose simple fragrances that I can blend and come up with different combinations; these combinations are added to different waxes, and tested. This process can take many weeks and is repeated over and over again until I find the fragrance that is right.

RBC:Where do you work from?

RF:I have a studio space at home, I converted a room which is two-thirds is my workspace and one third is my office area. I have a young family so it is easier for me to have that space at home, people always comment on the amazing smell in my home when they pop by. Right now it smells very very Christmassy.

RBC: Where do you find inspiration for your work?

RF: Definitely the seasons and the time of year

RBC: What is your studio playlist?

RF: I am a bit of a bore and don’t really listen to songs or music when I’m working. I usually like listening to podcasts or have a YouTube videos running in the background. I cannot work in silence.

RBC: What is your favourite social media platform?

RF: I love Instagram as I can really connect with  customers and I love the stories feature too so I can capture behind the scenes look too.

RBC: What are your plans for the future of your brand?

RF: I will be launching more styles of candles and reed diffusers very soon. Looking at more gift box ideas. We are also formulating room and linen mists which will  be released in the Spring of 2018. I will also have a pop up shop for 6 months which will be a very exciting opportunity for Simple Candle Co.

RBC: And finally can you give us 3 of your essential  items on your desk.

RF: Coffee and lots of it I’m an addict, a candle that I'm testing and lots of chocolate!

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